What We're All About

Wonder Preschool is like no other early learning experience in Boulder County. Wonder is a home-based preschool (family child care home) with up to 4 total students and 2 teachers.

         After years of experience and research, we have created a specialized program based on continuity of care. Wonder enrolls one cohort of students born between August 2019 and August 2020. Our goal is to teach the same group of students until they reach Kindergarten at Superior Elementary School (SES) around 2025. This allows us to focus our time, energy, and resources into creating just one age-appropriate lesson plan, meal plan, toy rotation, and activities every week. This way our program can evolve and grow with the children as they grow and develop. We can also develop a deeper understanding of each child and a deeper connection with them and their families.

        At Wonder, we blend the very best of two early childhood teaching philosophies: Reggio-Emilia and Montessori. We foster the child as a scientist; always experimenting, always exploring, always wondering.   We strive to unlock curiosity and a lifetime love for learning.  We believe that all children are unique, capable, and wonderful.  Since the time they were born, they have an amazing capacity to discover and learn.  We believe that we, as teachers, are here to show them how wonderful and unique they are, and to serve as guides in their process of discovering themselves and the world around them.  

          We are a play-based school which means we integrate several different learning areas into our play. These learning areas include: Science and Nature Exploration, Music and Movement, Baby Sign Language, Storytelling, and Nutrition and Exercise.  Science and math are incorporated into all of our lessons via counting, measuring, comparing, sorting, and through structured scientific experiments.  We have a child-led curriculum, letting the children take the lead on what interests them and creating "provocations" to help them discover and learn more. Students are continually encouraged to find solutions to problems in the books we read as well as in daily life. The core of our curriculum focuses on social-emotional development and we really value teaching kindness and helping children self-regulate through emotion coaching.

          We establish home-like routines and incorporate cooking, arts, crafts, free play, outside time, and quiet time in order to create a smooth transition from home to school.   At Wonder Preschool, our mission is to provide quality learning experiences and care of the absolute highest standard.  Our environment promotes independent thinking and a positive self-image in all of our students.  We believe that children develop at their own pace and teachers are intended to scaffold, or assist, them in reaching their highest potential.

Our Philosophy

Wooden Board

Our Reggio-Montessori Blend


  • ​Viewing children as capable & competent beings

  • Collaboration with parents

  • Documentation

    • to reflect on experiences

    • to show children’s work is valued

  • Provocation* lessons based on children’s natural curiosities

    • *deliberate and thoughtful decisions made by the teacher to extend the ideas of the child


  • A thoughtfully prepared environment​

    • Natural, aesthetic materials such as wood, rather than plastic

  • Student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options

  • Freedom of movement within the classroom



  • (Actually) Small Ratios

    • We only have up to 4 students (including our son) and 2 teachers

  • Positive male and female role models

  • Emphasis on social and emotional development

    • We have taken many courses on responding to "challenging behavior" and using positive guidance strategies and emotion coaching (identify feeling, validate feeling, set boundary, and suggest solutions)

  • Kids get to nurture & care for baby animals (we periodically foster puppies, kittens, and bunnies)

  • Family-centered and home environment​

  • Baby Sign Language

  • Weekly field trips

    • We have memberships to the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Children's Museum in Denver

    • We also love: Purple Park, My Nature Lab, ABC Kids ClimbingThe Bounce HouseButterfly Pavilion, Denver Aquarium, WOW museum, Kids Dig, etc...

Unlocking Curiosity

Question. Reason. Experiment. Wonder. These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Wonder Preschool.  All activities are designed to adequately nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our kids. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are free to develop into bright young minds.