Where Great Minds Are Born

Wonder's environment is carefully prepared to create an atmosphere of inspiration for learning.  Our home provides a wonderful, cozy, safe, well-equipped environment for your child.  We believe every child deserves a sacred, intentional, interactive space to learn.  We have all the necessary supplies and materials to create fun lesson plans.  Our home is baby-proofed and safe. We believe the classroom should act as a third teacher through thoughtful and intentional provocation set-ups. We are passionate about the power of play-based learning at this age, so we’re having fun all day long!



  • Child & Infant First Aid and CPR​

  • Medication Administration

  • Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma

  • Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Use of Safe Sleep Practices

  • Standard Precautions

  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response

  • We are licensed and insured


We have a safe fully-fenced backyard where we will play every day. We are building a raised garden bed for children to plant seeds, watch them grow, and create "fairy gardens" and "dinosaur parks" to play with.  We have a water and sand table where we explore different sensory experiences and will often combine paint with natural materials. Our home is in a very family-friendly, safe neighborhood with lots of trails & a fun neighborhood park. We have a clean, safe car, and are both extremely cautious drivers with clean driving records.